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Talmy 2000 vol 2 chap1 Lexicalisation patterns

Talmy 2000 vol 2 chap2 Surveying lexicalisaton patterns


Talmy 2000 vol 2 chap3 Typology of Event Integration


Zlatev, Yangklang

A third way to travel

Aske 1989

Path predicates in english and spanish

Learning the meaning of verbs and verb compounds in Mandarin

Jin, Hendriks
The development of aspect marking in L1 and L2 Chinese

Papafragou et al 2005 When English proposes what greek presupposes

Paul 2004 The serial verb construction in chinese a gordian knot

Talmy 2000 vol 1 chap3 How language structure space

Wang 2002
From a Motion Verb to an Aspect Marker

Cadre européen commun de référence pour les langues

Les relations spatiales dynamiques en chinois langue étrangère. L'expression des déplacements en chinois.